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    These publications give a detailed breakdown of the firm's financial profit and loss, balance sheet, and operational costs and margins. The items covered are as follows:-

1. Financial Data

Total Sales; Local Sales; Out-of-area Sales; Pre-tax Profit; Interest Paid; Non-trading Income; Operating Profit; Depreciation; Trading Profit; Fixed Assets; Intangible Assets; Intermediate Assets; Total Fixed Assets; Stocks; Debtors; Other Current Assets; Total Current Assets; Total Assets; Creditors; Short Term Loans; Other Current Liabilities; Total Current Liabilities; Net Assets; Shareholders' Funds; Long Term Loans; Other Long Term Liabilities; Capital Employed; Directors' Remunerations; Employees' Remunerations; Total Employees

Order Handling Process Expenditure; Customer Handling Process Technology Expenditure; Total Order / Customer Handling Development Expenditure; Customer Handling Equipment in Use within the range 0-3 years; Equipment in Use within the range 3-6 years; Equipment in Use in the range 6-9 years; Equipment in Use 9+ years; Customer Handling Equipment Investment greater than Depreciation; Equipment Investment Less than Depreciation; Capital Expenditure on Customer Handling Equipment; Capital Expenditure on Branches or Offices; Capital Expenditure on Communications

Return on Capital; Return on Assets; Return on Shareholders' Funds; Pre-tax Profit Margins; Operating Profit Margin; Trading Profit Margin; Assets Utilisation; Sales as a ratio of Fixed Assets; Stock Turnover; Credit Period; Creditors' Ratio; Working Capital / Sales; Current Ratio; Quick Ratio; Borrowing Ratio; Equity Ratio; Income Gearing; Total Debt as a ratio of Working Capital; Debt Gearing Ratio; Average Remuneration; Profit per Employee; Sales per Employee; Remunerations / Sales; Fixed Assets per Employee; Capital Employed per Employee; Total Assets per Employee; Out-of-area Sales as a % of Total Sales; Materials and Energy Costs; Payroll Costs; Total Process Costs; Sales Costs; Distribution and Handling Costs; Advertising Costs; After-Sales Costs; Total Marketing Costs; Added Value

Capacity Utilisation as a measure of Standard Capacity; Relative output of Products of a Superior Quality as a % of the Total; Product Pricing as a % of the Market Average; New Products as a % of the Total Output; Index of Comparative Marketing and Selling Expenditure; Index of Comparative Advertising Expenditure; Index of Comparative General Promotional Expenditure.

The above data is given as TWO Data sets. Firstly, Historic Data for the previous 3 years and, secondly, Forecast Data for the next 6 years.

The historic data for limited companies is based on published accounts, plus the application of certain criteria to show a more realistic picture of the firm's actual finances. With un-limited firms, or an individual branch of a limited company, the historic data is simulated and modelled.

The forecast data is based on the firm's historic performance correlated with market data and competitor data and this is used to provide a forecast when correlated with future market and competitive conditions.

2. Cashflow & Budgets

Total Income: Sales, Debtors, Capital; Total Expenditure: Operational Creditors, Trade Creditors, Salaries & Wages, Rent & Rates, Heating & Power, Advertising & Marketing, Insurance & Indemnities, Postage & Carriage, Printing & Stationery, Promotional Materials, Transport & Cars, Telephone & Communications, Professional Fees & Disbursements, Interest Charges, Re-payments & Capital Payments, Plant & Equipment, Repairs & Maintenance, Trade Services, Taxes & Duties, Other Expenditure. NET CASH FLOW.

The above data is given as TWO Data sets. Firstly, Current Data for the current year and, secondly, Projected Data for the next 3 years. The data for each year is given in 12 monthly sets in order to show monthly and/or seasonal trends which may affect the firm.

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