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In January 2020, DataGroup and The Data Institute reverted to being a Members Only organisation, and as such no longer interacts with third parties.

The Data Institute Foundation membership is only available by invitation, and with the endorsement of existing foundation members and stakeholders.

DataGroup and Data Institute Internet presence and online access is only available to members with encrypted VPN connections, and there are no public access points available.

Data Institute & DataGroup database availability

The Data Institute and DataGroup have restricted access to all major databases and big data products to foundation members and stakeholders; however some DataGroup and Data Institute entry level databases and products are available to academic, governmental, commercial, or retail clients. The public presence of DataGroup and The Data Institute is only available via the web sites of third party distributors licensed to use the trademarks and logos.

Academic, governmental, and commercial account holders should directly access online services and resources via their Account Login networks.

Retail clients may use the web site to which you will be redirected.